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Discover Lycian with us

Amynthas Rock Tomb, one of the most splendid examples of the Lycian civilisation, lies against the side of the mountain, just above the 
town and easily visible. The tomb is in the form of an Ionic temple, and has a landing with adjacent pillars at the two sides, with four steps 
leading to it. In the middle of the leftmost pillar, "Amynthas: son of Hermapias" is engraved in 4th century BC. letters.

Although two of the numerous other tombs at the left of the hill look like the Amynthas tomb, they are much smaller. Within the town and 

in the vicinity a lot more tombs may be found, some sarcophagus tombs and some cut-out pieces of rock. One of the best examples of
these sarcophagii is located in the garden of the Town Hall. There is also an amphitheatre in the city.
This tradition with us, we invite you to legislation.

When You Visit The King's Garden You Can Also Visit The Lycian Rock Tomb's As Our Guest Free Of Charge

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